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Save Money, Buy a Stick Shift Car

As consumers, we are all looking for improved gas economy and better value in our car purchases. When looking to buy your next car, don’t ignore those with manual transmissions. A manual transmission can improve your gas mileage by a significant amount. You will also find that cars with manual transmission are usually cheaper to buy than ones with automatic transmissions.

Depending on the type of car you purchase, manual transmissions will improve your acceleration, especially if it is a smaller engine automobile. Most people enjoy manual transmission cars; they find them appealing and fun to drive.

However, there are a few disadvantages to owning a manual transmission car. Manual transmissions are usually available on only a few models, typically smaller and sportier cars. There is a bit more skill and coordination required in driving a car with a manual transmission. You may find it more challenging to stop and start on hills than with an automatic transmission car. If you live in a city where traffic conditions are congested, there will be a lot of shifting and working the clutch pedal on the manual transmission. Finally, when you get ready to sell your car, you may find fewer buyers interested in a manual transmission.

With better fuel economy and faster acceleration, a manual transmission is still a great feature when purchasing a new car. However, let the buyer beware when choosing your manual transmission automobile. Many buyers find there are some differences in how the clutch pedal and shifter work in a car. Some manual transmissions are easy to operate the shift and the clutch pedal. Some cars you will find are quieter because the manual transmission doesn’t rev up the engine as much as an automatic transmission. Also, some cars will have an awkward feeling when operating the clutch or shifter. Sit in a car and work both the shifter and the clutch pedal to make sure that they are smooth to operate. Remember, manual transmissions are meant to enhance the driving experience, not distract from it.

A caveat to our manual transmission advice, sometimes despite buying a stick shift, you may find a better buy with a different model in an automatic transmission. Do your research and verify the suggested miles per gallon (mpg) when comparing. Not just manual to automatic transmission, but also from similar models by different auto companies.

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