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The Best Car I Ever Owned. What Makes a Good Car?

What makes a good car? You may be complaining about your car because it is too old. It might not be stylish. It does not mean it is not a good car.

The best vehicle I ever owned is the vehicle I have now. It is a 1999 Toyota Corolla. I bought it two years ago. It is the best ever because I have done nothing but change the brakes and the oil. How can a car that old be so reliable?

The answer is simple. It was owned by someone who took good care of it. I thought they were kidding when they said it. I even talked the price down. Every time I take it to my mechanic he marvels at it. The car is the Sylvester Stallone of vehicles.

I owned a Chevy pick-up truck before this. It took a lot of gas and was very noisy. It was also not very reliable and I never took it out of Texas.

Now I take the Toyota everywhere.

I am not endorsing one car brand over another. The point is to buy something in shape. A maintained older car is better than a run down newer car. The Chevy was from 2003.

A good car today should be good with gas. Gas prices are rising. Unless you have a good job this is a problem. Even if you have a good job it is still not good for the environment. I can drive for days with only $25 dollars.

I love my car for personal reasons, too. It does not have to be new. It does not have to be stylish. It needs to run and run well.

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