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Locate a Top Notch Car Dealer

If you have ever bought a new car you know that it can be an intimidating and downright unexciting experience. Whatever happened to people looking forward to buying a new car?

While there is no way to ensure that you will not get stuck with an unprofessional salesman, there are a couple of things that you can look at in a dealership before deciding to buy your next car from them. If you follow these tips you will at least be able to cut back on some of the hassle of purchasing a new car.

First off, take a look around the dealership. But the trick is to do this on a Sunday when nobody is around. This will give you a good opportunity to check everything out without being hassled by a pushy salesman. Take a look at the cars. Are they clean? Does it appear that they are well cared for? These questions will go a long way in ensuring that you are dealing with a reputable dealer. These questions are just guidelines, and by no means are the end all when choosing a dealer, but they can definitely help.

If the cars are not clean and well cared for, chances are you do not want to do business with this dealership. Nobody wants to buy a dirty car that has not been moved for two months.

After you have taken a stroll around the dealership, you may want to ask around and get some referrals from satisfied clients. If you have any neighbors or friends that drive the make of car you are looking for, ask them if they had a good experience with their dealership. This is one of the best ways to find out if a dealer is easy to deal with. In fact, if you get a good referral you may even be able to deal with the same salesman; making the process even easier on you.

Also, joining an internet message board can be a great way to learn about which dealers are good, and which ones you should avoid. These message boards offer opinions from people who have bought cars, or have been deterred away from a dealer for one reason or the next. Online community members are always willing to help out somebody in need. Never overlook this avenue; it can be one of the best ways to come into information about a particular dealer in your area.

Finally, go to the dealership during business hours and meet with a salesman. From the get go make it clear that you are just looking, not buying. If your salesman becomes pushy, or you begin to feel uncomfortable, immediately abandon the situation. Remember, there are dealers that will do business with you in a low pressure environment. It is just a matter of finding one that suits your needs. Doing the appropriate amount of research before visiting the dealer can go a long way in ensuring a stress free and fun car buying experience.

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