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How to Determine the Right Car Dealership for You

When you are shopping for a car, you want to be able to shop for the car that you would want. You want to make sure that it is the right color, that it fits your needs such as if it just for going to and from work or if it going to be for long-term use, the car’s mileage (if applicable) and so on. But, every once in a while, you run into that one pushy salesperson that will do anything to make you buy a car at their dealership that very day, even if it means trying to force you into buying th newest and best on the market with a loan attached to it and all of that extra interest. I have had two occassions where this has happened to me. The first when I bought my first newer vehicle and the second when I was with my husband when we were shopping for our first car together as newlyweds. It is with these examples that I would hope to paint a picture for the reader to help them prepare fopr these eventualities that do so often come for the car buyer.

The first happened when I was still living in Missouri before I had moved to Oregon to be with my spouse quite a few years ago. It was a Nissan dealership in my local area and I had needed another car as my ’89 Toyota Celica was giving me severe problems such as overheating and smoking. Before I had even entered the parking lot and got out of my car, I had one of the salespersons coming at me at a rapid pace and asking me ‘what kind of car are you looking for?’ and ‘how can I convince you to buy a car from me TODAY?’ What most people may or may not know is car salesman are not paid and hourly wage but rather from a commission. For every sale they do, they make a measly ten percent from that sale that goes towards thier monthly stipend. Needles to say, I told him that I was just looking and due to his forwardness towards me that he had definitely wthout question lost a sale and I got back in my Celica and drove away.

The second incident happened when my husband and I were with friends and were doing the car shopping as our minivan had broke down beyond repair and were in desperate need of a new one. We had happened uipon a large dealership that was not too far from where we lived and we had stopped by and stepped on the lot to check out pricing. No sooner we had stepped out and began walking around, we were mobbed by three salesman who already had the paperwork contract in hand. There was no talking about it or any answering of our questions, but merely that the one that we were looking at was ‘ a winner’ and ‘how quickly would we like to strike a deal?’ My husband had a friend who had bought a car from them TWICE and both had turned out to be lemons despite how shiny and new they may have looked from the outside.

So, as you can see, buying a new car is a lot opf hassle at most times. Most especially if you do not know anything about the company, its salesman, or its reputation. To keep this from happening to you, here is a few helpful hints that will make the shopping process a whole lot easier and less painful for you:

– If they already have paperwork in hand, walk away from the situation and find another dealership that will be willling to let you look and compare prices.

-If the rep allows you to look and does not rush up, take your time and drink in everything. Is the rep anxious to make a sale or are they truly there for you?

-If you don’t know anything about cars, take someone with you who does who can ask the tough questions that you may not be sure of.

– Before signing away your life, read through the contract yourself including the fine print. Take it home if you have to and look in over in your own spare time. make them wait to see if they have a sale rather than allowing them to assume that the deal has been made.

-Ask to start the car while there if it is used. Take note of any strange noises or other abberations that tell you that the car is running improperly.

– Last but not least, never sign on the dotted line until all of your questions are answered by the salesperson and you can make a educated decision.

Buying a new car is supposed to be a wonderful and uplifting experience. In orderm to keep it that way, these hints I am hoping should help.

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