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MrTechnical's Top Seven Car Theft Deterrent Methods that Really Do Work!

When I think about theft deterrents for cars and trucks I usually picture a few simple and logical steps that everyone should take every time they leave their vehicle unattended.

You may be thinking “I am only going inside for a minute” and that is all it takes for someone to cruise by and grab your valuables.

1) So the first and simplest method for deterring a potential thief is to put up the windows and lock all the doors. Car thieves and people who are skilled at snatching and dashing are not very interested in having to mess around with a car that is locked. They will just move on until they find one that is not locked and maybe even has the keys in it!

2) The second thing I think makes it harder for a potential thief is for you to set your security alarm on every time you leave the car unattended. Most cars have at least some sort of security system installed and if not, you can get an inexpensive one installed at more places now than ever. In fact adding a security system can net you a decent savings on your car insurance which may even pay for the system!

3) The third most beneficial trick to preventing theft in your vehicle is to park your car in a location that is highly visible and conspicuous. If there is a lighted parking area choose that over one which is dark. If you have a garage, then put the car in there, and remember to lock the car and the garage! This is one of the simpler tricks that is still free to use!

4) Fourth is to use one of those steering wheel locking devices which can make it impossible to drive your vehicle no matter what they do to try and defeat it. These are less costly now than when they first came out. With modern cars that have airbags everywhere there is no way a thief is going to try and remove the steering wheel since the odds of the airbag deploying if they mess with the steering wheel are right around 100%

5) Fifth method of deterring theft in your vehicles is to never leave anything valuable in the car, and to never drive anything that someone would want to steal. There are lists on the Internet covering which are the top vehicles that are stolen annually, and this includes the areas that have the highest theft issues. So you can use that information as a guideline when shopping for your next car!

6) Sixth method of preventing a theft of your car would be to install a simple hidden kill switch that prevents the car starting unless the thief knows the location of your hidden switch. Even then they would need to know exactly how to operate the switch. The more complicated you can make it the better this kill switch will work.

7) Seventh method may seem silly to some but making sure you put on the parking brake can deter a number of the less savvy car thieves out there! Some people will have no idea how to release the brake since using a parking brake had fallen out of favor with modern drivers much like the apparently optional use of turn signals when changing lanes, crossing traffic, or simply turning into a driveway. If potentially innocent until proven guilty car thief is younger than say 27 they may not even know how to use the parking brake so your car is most likely safe in their hands!

My personal trick for preventing theft is exactly what I said previously in this article, I typically drive a car that nobody really wants to steal. The age alone of my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee has given her certain drive-ability quirks which would completely baffle the above average car thief! For example when first starting the car you have to go to reverse immediately in order for the transmission to engage the overdrive, or else it will only operate in third gear. There is absolutely no way a thief would know this unless he or she visits Yahoo! And reads this article and then somehow figures out what I drive and then they desperately calculate where it will be parked at exactly the right time when they are available to take the car!

I stand a better chance of winning the lottery than seeing this happen.

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