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What to Do If Your Car Has Been Keyed

Vandalism is disheartening, especially if you are targeted by a vandal to be a victim. One of the worst types of vandalism to suffer is to have your car keyed. While it is a subtle style of vandalism, it is especially annoying since it mars the the beauty of your car as well as degrades its potential resale value. If your car has been keyed, you will probably want to know what to do next.

First, file a police report. If you ever learn who the culprit of this vandalism is, you will need evidence of when this vandalism occurred should you decide to sue this person in court. Rather than have to worry about trying to produce eyewitnesses who can corroborate your testimony, if you file a police report you will have a dated record of when you discovered the damage.

Next, try to find out who did this. Ask people who may have been nearby when the vandalism occurred. Try to keep your emotions in check when you do this. If people are threatened are intimidated as you speak with them, they are less likely to share information. Thus, don’t be huffing and puffing like the Incredible Hulk as you ask others if they saw anything. Of course, if a culprit is named by anyone, don’t assume that this alleged person is guilty. Simply pass this information on to police, and make sure that it is noted in the police report.

Finally, you will need to worry about repairing your car. Hopefully, the damage is not too deep. Most people who key cars do it fast, so they are unlikely to create as much damage as they would if they were not in such a rush. If the scratch is hardly deep enough to snag your fingernail, then perhaps it can be repaired with a little rubbing compound. If, however, the damage is severe, you will probably want to take the car to a detail shop to have it fixed and waxed.

An important thing to note is that just because you have been targeted as a victim doesn’t mean that you need to continue to live as a victim. Avoid cowering in fear of another reprisal. Instead, simply repair your car and practice a policy of vigilance in order to ward away vandals.

Hopefully, you can get the culprit of the damage to pay these bills after having your case heard in small claims court. If not, just chalk up this experience as one of life’s sick jokes. Pay to have your car fixed, and don’t carry a grudge. You’ll end up a healthier person as a result.

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