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Applebee's Car Side to Go Service – Easy Way to Take A Good Meal Home

I know there are some nights when you just don’t feel like cooking. Those nights the usual picks of pizza and Chinese food just don’t seem very appetizing. Applebee’s has come up with a great alternative to bring you a warm and quick meal. This great new service is called Car Side To Go.

What you do is call the restaurant closest to your house and place your order with the employee working the Car Side To Go service. You can check out their menu on their website at, . If you prefer to have a paper copy of the menu, pick one up on your next visit there. The restaurant makes their menus on small paper for you to take home. You can also find the closest location to your home and their phone number on the website.

The employee answering the phone will ask what color and kind of car you will be driving so that they know it is you. The employee will also let you know when your meal will be ready. The average time is about fifteen to twenty minutes. Drive to the restaurant you ordered your food from and you will see signs on three or four parking spots that say “Reserved for Car Side To Go.” Park in one of these spots and your car will be visible on a monitor inside the restaurant.

About two minutes after you park, someone will come to the car with your food and your bill. You can pay cash or credit card from the comfort of your car. The Applebee’s employee can give you change and also run your card inside while you wait. It is proper to tip the person who brings your food out to you. Two or three dollars is usually sufficient enough.

I find that this service is an excellent addition to Applebee’s other services. Sometimes you want something a bit more than the regular fast food but you don’t feel like sitting down to eat at a restaurant. Applebee’s makes their car side service a great alternative to that predicament. The prices are the same and the food still tastes great and is prepared exactly as it would be if it were eaten in the restaurant. The proportions are also the same and are very filling.

I definitely recommend Applebee’s Car Side To Go for anybody looking for a good meal to take home. Run out on that cold or rainy night and pick up your warm meal! Then bring it home and eat it in front of your favorite TV show.

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