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The Best Car I've Owned

I love cars and I always have so I am particularly attentive to what I drive and what it looks like. Some people love their first cars, their first new cars, or their collector cars. I happen to have a special place in my heart for my current car. I drive a Toyota Solara SLE V6 and I absolutely love it because it is me.

My car is a color known as Oceanus Blue on stone grey and has a great set of options. I have satellite radio, a six disc CD player along with a sun roof and yes the customary air conditioning and heater. My car also has heated leather seats and lovely wood grain touches on the interior. The fact that it is a coupe gives it appealing lines and a sporty feel. Enough about the specs of the vehicle and let me talk a little about the sentimental value.

The car also has a great on board trip computer that provides information on average miles per gallon of gas as well as average miles driven per trip. My car’s sleek design is perfect as far as safety goes. I was rear ended once and with the exception of the bumper the car was in perfect condition. The airbags deployed as expected and I was safe that time. The car has also never left me stranded which is more than I can say for a previous car that I had.

My car represents a compliment to my style as a person. I like cars that are fast, have a nice sleek look and provide a good service. My car gives me that service and that look that I crave and enjoy. The car does have a V6 engine which makes it a bit hard on gas but not as hard as other cars. I love the car because even after 5 years it still looks impressive on the road and it still works impressively. Whenever I take out I am amazed at how well the engine responds as if it were new. Part of what makes this car my favorite is the road trips.

I take my care on extended trips to places like Tampa, St. Augustine, and Ft. Lauderdale. I love the handling because the steering wheel is soft and smooth. One particular road trip that makes this car my favorite was one were I encountered a thunder storm of somewhat epic proportions and still made it to my destination safely. The weight of the engine keeps the car stable during rough weather. My car means a lot too because it’s the one my son learned to drive in and that holds a special place in my heart. I have taken my family on so many outings in it that I’ve lost count and every time it’s still a fun time.

I love this car because it almost feels like an old friend in some ways. I have had great experiences in it and with it. I feel like if my car were to talk it would say something like ” It’s been a hell of a ride.”

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