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Huntington Car Dealerships Rush to Replenish Inventory

Huntington Car dealerships have seen sales skyrocket as a result of the Cash For Clunkers program. However, dealerships such as Huntington Toyota and Huntington Honda may have not realized how much of a success the program was going to be and that it was going to be extended. In fact, Cash For Clunkers program has been so popular that Huntington car dealerships have actually come close to running out of cars.

Huntington car dealerships as well as dealerships from other parts of the country are currently racing to replenish their inventory to prepare for the next wave of “Cash For Clunkers Buyers.” President Obama recently approved a bill that will provide two billion dollars of additional funding for the program. As a result, hundreds of Huntington citizens are thinking about purchasing new cars.

Huntington citizens are extremely excited about the fact that they will be able to save close to four thousand dollars on a new car. However, when they head to one of the Huntington car dealerships they may be unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the dealership does not have the exact car that they want.

As a result, many Huntington citizens have decided to hold out on trading in their old clunker due to the fact that the dealerships do not have the specific model of the car that they want. However, those Huntington citizens that are willing to wait for their car may still be able to save some money from the Cash For Clunkers program.

Normally car manufacturers can just ship out new cars that they have stored in a warehouse to dealerships. However, car manufacturers don’t have any cars left in their warehouses which means that they have to spend close to a month constructing new cars. This is the main cause of the shortage of cars that Huntington car dealerships currently have.

This problem is not specific to the town of Huntington, it’s a problem throughout the entire state of New York. When an individual heads to a Huntington car dealership and hears that they don’t have the model car that they want they usually check a dealership in a nearby town such as Smithtown. However, to their surprise, they will find that every dealership on Long Island and in New York City have been having the same inventory problems.

Many Huntington car dealerships have decided to try to sell cars before they arrive at their dealerships. However, the problem still remains that many Huntington and Long Island citizens are not willing to wait for their brand new car.