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How to Safely Convert Your Car to Run on Water! The "Next Big Thing"

Like you, no doubt, I have had enough of today’s over-inflated gas prices. Driving less isn’t always an option, and not everyone can or will purchase a hybrid. Unless you’re an oil baron or possess a well-diversified stock portfolio featuring fossil fuel companies, you’re probably also searching for relief from the “pain at the pump”. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

The Trend of the Future

Did you know that you could easily convert your car to employ water, supplemental to diesel/gasoline, to increase your fuel efficiency (by at least 40%), while reducing fueling costs significantly? Forget about distilled-water-only methods or those requiring special agents to be added to the water to form a solution that converts to fuel. A better, more simplified conversion system exists today that uses plain tap water, affordable and easy to find components (costing less than $60), and easy steps.

Most people don’t realize that electricity from your own car’s battery can separate ordinary water into two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen (HHO), which is also known as “Brown’s Gas” or “Hydroxy”. Instead of releasing toxic emissions, the end product is H2O—water! Only one quart of water is needed as a gas supplement to provide over 1800 gallons of HHO gas, which lasts several months.

Safe for You, the Environment, and Your Vehicle

This technology has been proven to work for all standard vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, and SUV’s, but as yet is untested on hybrids. Compressing flammable hydrogen into storage tanks is potentially dangerous and unnecessary when it’s already available in water and can be easily and safely extracted. Moreover, a conversion process exists that is completely reversible, so that it won’t void your auto manufacturer’s warranty. Unlike standard fuel systems, there has never been an incident or accident using HHO because it is a fuel that generates atomic power with the chemical stability of ordinary water!

Tomorrow’s Biggest Trend

Economists and consumer-trend watchers tell us that today’s fuel crisis not only won’t get much better, but that alternative fuel and power sources are likely to be the most sought after technology on the internet and through other sources over the next six to twelve months, culminating in a worldwide, exclusive conversion to alternative methods of generating power no later than 2012.

There are several fuel conversion systems available via the internet, but the most efficient, easily understood, economical instruction guide is found at: After viewing the supporting videos on the website, like the economists, I’m convinced that within the year, everyone will be insisting on this world-changing technology! After all, shouldn’t you be able to maintain your lifestyle while holding on to more of your hard-earned money?

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